Congratulations to Yulia Preezant, head of the teaching laboratories, for winning an Outstanding Technion Employee award!

From the recommendation of Noam Soker: "I highly recommend Yulia Preezant as an outstanding employee. Yulia has created a significant improvement in the teaching laboratories in physics, what physicists call a phase transition."

From Amit Kanigel’s recommendation: "Yulia invests her all in the teaching laboratories. It is very important to her that the teaching be at a high level, but also that the students enjoy working in the laboratories."

From the recommendation of Michael Reznikov: "Yulia is devoted to her job and constantly thinks about it."

The excellence committee in the Faculty recommended: "Service is at the top of Yulia's eyes. She makes sure that the students acquire the knowledge for which they came to the laboratories. She invests all her energy in this matter and does not allow any shortcuts to herself or to the students.


Congratulations Yulia, continue your fruitful work!