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Our former Ph.D. student David Yanuka, now postdoc at Imperial College London UK, Ph.D., student Alexander (Sasha) Rososhek and Yakov Krasik recently published the results of a joint research in the Journal of Applied Physics (1). The research was carried out using high brightness synchrotron radiation (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France) for studies of symmetry of convergence of strong shock waves generated by the underwater explosion of a cylindrical wire array.


The article, “Synchrotron based X-ray radiography of convergent shock waves driven by underwater electrical explosion of a cylindrical wire array” was promoted as an Editor's Pick and displayed on the journal's homepage as a featured article as well as on the cover of the issue (March 7th 2019).



[1] Journal of Applied Physics 125, 093301 (2019)


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