research bits

The physics department started a new promising tradition - Physics research week

 for outstanding excellent undergraduate physics students from around the country.


The research week included lectures and conversations with leading researchers, tours in advanced research labs, guidance in mini-projects, and full board accommodation accompanied by social activities.


The participating students described the activity as a "wonderful opportunity" and "great fun". “Beyond being an enjoyable week, the program really gave me a deep understanding (for the first time) of what physics research is, and provided me with lots of answers and information. Beyond the lectures, the experience and personal interaction with the organizers and advisors, who are all graduate students or faculty members, also contributed greatly to making the track accessible“.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the program and contributed to its success, to the lecturers, to the faculty staff and to the graduate students who instructed the participants in their projects.


We wish all the students great success in their studies. We look forward to seeing you as graduate students in our faculty.