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Shlomo Razamat IPS2018 prize flow scheme

Congratulations to Shlomo Razamat for winning the Israel Physical Society (IPS) Jacob Bekenstein Prize in theoretical physics for a young faculty member

for his contribution to duality and localization in supersymmetric quantum field theory with application to strongly interacting quantum systems.


 Shlomo: “Quantum field theory (QFT) is one of the most successful tools we possess to describe and quantify physical phenomena. The scope of its application is vast and ranges from the standard model of elementary particles to effective theories describing condensed matter systems. Yet, beyond certain simplifying regimes, due to the intrinsic complexity of quantum field theories, extracting explicit and exact physical information from these models is a notoriously hard problem. My main research interests are revolving around developing better understandings of the nuts and bolts of a general quantum field theory. I am interested in recent years in developing understandings of low energy behaviours of different QFTs. The types of questions we seek to answer are: When two different short scale models describe the same  physics at low energies? When and how symmetries can emerge in low energy? Can any conceivable low energy model be described by a weakly coupled theory at short scales?

In recent years we have developed many novel theoretical understandings of such questions in the simplified but still very rich cases when the systems under consideration enjoy special symmetry (the so called supersymmetry). These understandings build on new technical developments in non-perturbative computations of some observables in QFTs, on better grasp of interrelations between models in different space-time dimensions, and on including under considerations new types of non-local observables.”


We wish Shlomo good luck in his research.

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