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Ron Grikshtas &  Yakov Krasik’s group published a paper selected as Editor’s pick

Congratulations to Ron Grikshtas and the research group of Yakov Krasik; Nikita Asmedianov, Daniel Maler and Sergey Efimov, for publishing a paper in Physics of Plasmas which was selected as the Editor’s pick.

The aim of this research is to characterize the parameters of various metals under extreme conditions, with pressures exceeding 10 kbar and temperatures reaching several eV.
“In our Plasma Physics and Pulsed Power laboratory,” shares Ron Grikshtas “we generate these extreme conditions by rapid Joule heating of thin metal wires in an underwater environment. This process involves current pulses lasting several hundred nanoseconds, with amplitudes in the hundreds of kiloamperes and current densities ranging from 10 to 100 MA/cm².”
This research serves as a benchmark for theoretical models investigating Equations of State and conductivity models.

Well done!

Ful paper on " Physics of Plasmas":