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Technion Physics Research Week 2021

The physics department was happy to host 14 outstanding undergraduate physics students

from universities all over the country during the annual physics research week that will give them a glimpse into the research conducted at our department.

"The goal of this week is to introduce [the participants] to our department as potential researchers, and not just as students. The pinnacle of aspirations is to become a researcher - not only knowing how to ask interesting questions but also knowing how to answer them“, said the dean of the department, Prof. Ehud Behar in his opening remarks.


List of mini-projects:
Astrophysics under the guidance of Julia Salh (Ehud Behar) - Gamma-Ray Burst Detectors.
Astrophysics under the guidance of Hila Glanz (Hagai Perets) – Stellar and planetary evolution.
Quantum Matter Research under the guidance of Anna Eyal (Amit Keren) - Hysteresis loop measurements of the Magnetization of a superconductor.
High energy physics under the guidance of Enrique Kajomovitz - Simulating the effect of a new muonic force carrier.
Optics under the guidance of Matan Even Tzur (Oren Cohen) - Extreme nonlinear light-matter interaction.
Plasma under the guidance of Yang Cao (Yakov Krasik) – The nonlinear interaction between electromagnetic wave with plasma.
Quantum computing under the guidance of Guy Moshel (Shay Hacohen-Gourgy) - Modeling a preparation of a GKP state in an oscillator.
Quantum computing under the guidance of Oded Zilberman (Yoav Sagi) - Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy.


We thank everyone who took part in the program and contributed to its success; the lecturers, the staff members, and the graduate students who instructed the participants in their projects.


We wish all the students great success in their studies and look forward to see them as graduate students in our faculty.


Photo gallery is available  here.

The full program is available here