New Ideas about the Origin and Future of the Universe

TYPEDistinguished Lecture Series
Speaker:Paul Steinhardt
Affiliation:Princeton University, USA
Organizer:Dov Levine
Dates:12.06 - 22.06.2006
Time:All Day
Abstract:Professor Paul Steinhardt is one of the world's leaders in cosmology. He has contributed some of the most exciting ideas in the physics of the early universe, beginning with the Inflationary Universe model. The cyclic model, developed by Prof. Steinhardt and collaborators offers promising solutions to many of the fundamental problems in cosmology. In his lectures he reviewed these theories as well as key cosmological observations which could confirm or disprove the different scenarios. Professor Paul Steinhardt developed the theory of quasicrystals (with Prof. Dov Levine) which is the leading model for the structure of the nonperiodic icosahedral phases found in metallic alloys. He reviewed this field and its refinements in one of his lectures.