The tensor-vector-scalar theory of gravity: shedding light on dark matter

Speaker:Dr. Eva Sagi
Affiliation:Hebrew University
Location:Lidow 620

Observations on all scales point to a gap in our understanding of
gravitation; from the Pioneer anomaly in the solar system, through the shape
of galaxy rotation curves and the amount of gravitational lensing by galaxy
clusters, to the accelerated expansion of the universe. This observed
discrepancy between the dynamics and the distribution of the visible matter
in the universe is usually ascribed to dark matter and dark energy. However,
it is possible that both dark matter and dark energy are in fact
manifestations of a theory of gravity different than General Relativity. One
possible alternative theory is TeVeS, suggested by Bekenstein in 2004. I
will review several features of TeVeS, among them its PPN parameters which
show it to be indiscernible from GR in the solar system and the unusual
behavior of gravitational waves in its framework, which can be traced back
to the theory's MOND origin.