Generic Dissipation of Entanglement

TYPEQuantum Information Seminar
Speaker:Prof. Allan Solomon
Affiliation:Open University
Location:Lewiner Seminar Room (412)
Abstract:Abstract: In this talk we explore dissipative processes satisfying the general Liouville equation, especially with regard to the dissipation of entanglement. We start with a simple introduction to the definition of quantum states and their evolution equations. We show that starting from this standard theory of dissipative processes, certain constraints result on the degradation of entanglement. Further, we show that in the absence of external control, there always exists a state stable under dissipation which is, however, separable. Specialising to physical processes satisfying complete positivity (i.e. the Lindblad equations) we show that for special choices of dissipation parameters, stable entangled states exist.