Modified wire array underwater electrical explosion

TYPEPlasma Physics
Speaker:Leonid Gilburd
Location:Lidow 724
Remark:MSC seminar

The results of experimental and numerical research of underwater electrical wire array explosion and generation of extreme state of water using converging strong shock waves with improved efficiency of energy transfer to converging water flow will be reported. It will be shown that in the case of a Cu wire array, the addition of the outer metal reflector increases the pressure, density, and temperature of the water in the vicinity of the implosion axis ~1.38, ~1.07 and ~1.33 times, respectively. In addition, it was found the shock wave reflection at the axis of implosion results in the water boiling and bubbles formation.  Application of Al wire array explosion with stainless steel reflector results in Al combustion and, respectively, in additional energy delivered to the converging water flow which generates ~540 GPa pressure in the vicinity of the explosion axis. Finally, results of ignition of Al micro-particles combustion by underwater electrical wire explosion will be described.