Spectroscopy of a nitrogen capillary discharge plasma aimed at a recombination pumped X-ray laser

TYPEPlasma Seminar
Speaker:Mr. Itai Gissis
Location:Lidow 620

We use a time resolved spectroscopy apparatus consisting of a free standing transmission grating spectrometer and a gated framing MCP camera to record spectra of a nitrogen capillary discharge plasma for the purpose of developing a recombination-pumped X-ray laser. H-Like and He-Like K- and L- shell lines are measured and analyzed using a 4-ion collisional-radiative atomic model. The results show heating of the plasma to 64eV-74eV during the pinch, followed by a fast cooling of less than 4ns throughout the capillary, demonstrating the feasibility of a recombination-scheme laser in the nitrogen H-alpha line at 13.4 nm.