Visualization of Electronic Density in Hydrogen Atoms and Carbon allotropes

TYPEComputational science seminar
Speaker:Joan Adler
Organizer:Joan Adler
Location:Lidow 620
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Abstract:Quantum mechanics tells us that electrons don't run in circles around nuclei,
they have a probability of being somewhere at sometime. This is a concept
that we try to explain in Modern Physics courses, but its hard to ``see''.

The distribution of electron density around the carbon atoms of allotropes,
including diamond, amorphous carbon and nanotubes, turns out to
be very important for understanding their properties.

I will describe the AViz approach to visualizing electron density with
examples from both Modern Physics courses and research projects in the
Computational Physics group.

The talk will be based on slides from my recent conference presentations:

Hydrogen atom visualization -

and carbon allotrope visualization -