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A magnetically focused molecular beam of ortho-H2O: Production, characterization and future applications.

Speaker:Professor Gil Alexandrowicz
Affiliation:Technion, Chemistry
Location:Lidow Rosen Auditorium (323)
Abstract:In this talk I will present the H2O focusing experiments as well as more recent infra-red spectroscopy measurements.
The spectroscopy data demonstrates the high purity of our molecular beam source and the option of storing ortho-H2O
for long times within a cold rare-gas solid. However, the measurements also emphasize the complexity of the nuclear
spin conversion on surfaces, a question of particular importance in the interpretation of astrophysics data. Finally, the magnetic
beam surface NMR (MBSN) project will be briefly described, a new project which aims to utilize our spin separation technique
in order to perform ultra-sensitive NMR measurements of water surfaces.