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Fluctuations in boundary-driven diffusive systems

TYPEStatistical mechanics
Speaker:Guy Bunin
Location:Lidow 724
Remark:PhD seminar
Abstract:We study conducting systems, where a quantity such as heat or particles diffuses. When the system is attached to baths on both sides, a flow is induced. The fluctuations of the field in this setting are very different from their equilibrium counterpart. In particular (1) generic long-range correlations form, and (2) the non-equilibrium analog of the free-energy may be exhibit singular behavior even in a disordered phase. Both are directly related to the breaking of time-reversal symmetry in non-equilibrium systems. We describe techniques used to discover and study these effects, including novel numerical methods. We show that simple 'toy' models capture much of the behavior, which is otherwise hard to observe and understand.
This will be a blackboard talk, describing technical aspects in some detail; a talk for a more general audience will be given at a later date.