Many body localization

TYPEDistinguished Lecture Series
Speaker:Igor Aleiner
Affiliation:Columbia University
Dates:25.12 - 29.12.2010
Time:All Day
Location:Physics Department Technion
Abstract:The Anderson localization isֲ a well established phenomenon for the non-interacting particles subjected to the disordered potential. It is usually interpreted as the impeding of the quantum diffusion in the geometrical (real) space. The generalization of the notion of the Anderson localization in the Fock (state) space andֲ the properties of the many-body wave-functions and their relation to the many-body metal-insulator transition will be reviewed. The general featuresֲ and ideas of the theory will be presented in the Colloquiumֲ while the specific fineֲ details taking into account the various types of statistics will be presented in the seminars.