Current Topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Cuprate Superconductors, Dirac Materials, and Topological Insulators

TYPEDistinguished Lecture Series
Speaker:Phuan Ong
Affiliation:Department of Physics, Princeton University
Dates:27.04 - 06.05.2010
Time:All Day
Location:Physics Department Technion
Abstract:The 3 talks in this lecture series describe recent results obtained in the lab of Prof. Ong. The colloquium, describing a fundamental feature that distinguishes cuprate superconductors from low-Tc (BCS) superconductors, is aimed at a general audience. Seminars 1 and 2 are slightly more technical. Seminar 1 describes experiments that investigate the interesting question of what happens to the Dirac electrons at the �Dirac Point� in graphene in a high magnetic field. Seminar 2 introduces the relatively new topic of topological insulators. Professor Ong is one of the leading solid state physics experimentalists. For his research accomplishments in high-Tc superconductivity he was warded the 2006 Kamerlingh Onnes Prize (with S. Uchida and H. Takagi). This lecture series is dedicated to the memory of Professor Charles Kuper.