Statistical Mechanics, Phase Transitions and Random Matrices

TYPEDistinguished Lecture Series
Speaker:Thomas Spencer
Affiliation:Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Dates:11.03 - 18.03.2010
Time:All Day
Location:Physics Department Technion
Abstract:This lecture series will describe some mathematical results and conjectures about a variety models in statistical mechanics. These models include classical models such as the Ising model and the dipole gas as well as supersymmetric models which arise in the study of disordered quantum systems. Symmetry and nonlinear transformations will be used to analyze fluctuations of the spin and field configurations. Simple supersymmetric models will be shown to be related to history dependent walks. Professor Tom Spencer is one of the leading mathematical physicists. For his work he was awarded the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics. He is one the best speakers and is known for his ability to explain abstract mathematical ideas to other scientists.