Amit Keren

Keren, Amit   Faculty
Email:   phkeren@technion.ac.il
Topic:   Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
Office:Lidow Complex Room:304 Phone:073-378-3662 
Homepage: http://phsites.technion.ac.il/keren
Research Interests & Publications:  

High Temperature Superconductor, Molecular Magnets

I investigate the mechanism for high temperature superconductivity. This is done by experimentally changing the material parameters one at a time and checking their influence on the critical temperatures in which superconductivity occurs, and on other superconducting properties. The material parameters are modified by subtle chemical changes and we specialize in making unique superconductors. We test the materials transport properties in our own lab and examine more profound properties in particle accelerators abroad.

I also study molecular magnets which demonstrate spectacular quantum effect. We examine their tunneling properties and the influence of the environment on these properties.