Hagai Perets

Perets, Hagai   Faculty
Topic:   Astrophysics
Office:Lidow Complex Room:614 Phone:073-378-1954 
Research Interests & Publications:  

Field of interest: Astrophysics and planetary science

My main work deals with stellar and planetary dynamics. I study planet formation and try to understand the origin and evolution of the Solar system and of exoplanet systems, including the origin of moons (iEarth Moon and gas-giant moons). I also explore the evolution of multiple systems (triple stellar systems, and multi-planet systems) through dynamical and secular interactions and their coupling to stellar evolutionary processes. I study the collisional dynamics of stars in dense systems such as globular clusters and clusters around massive black holes and the strong interactions of stars with black holes, including the tidal disruption of stars, gravitational wave sources capture of stars close to the massive black hole in the Galactic center and ejection of hypervelocity stars. Finally, I also study a wide range of thermonuclear supernovae explosions and the origin of non-standard supernovae through hydrodynamical simulations as well as analysis of observational data.