Daniel Podolsky

Podolsky, Daniel   Faculty
Email:   podolsky@physics.technion.ac.il
Topic:   Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
Office:Lidow Complex Room:302 Phone:04-829-3538 
Homepage: http://phweb.technion.ac.il/~podolsky
Research Interests & Publications:  

- Theory of strongly interacting electronic systems- Quantum Magnetism- Superconductivity- Bose Einstein condensation of atoms with spin- Field theory methods in condensed matter.

I work in theoretical condensed matter physics.
One of my main interest is in strongly correlated electronic and atomic systems, that is, systems in which the kinetic energy of the constituent particles is comparable to the interaction energy between these particles. This regime displays very rich physics, and is relevant to various important systems, including the high temperature superconductors, a multitude of fractional quantum Hall states, and quantum spin liquids, among others.
As an additional line of research, I am interested in applications of new ideas in condensed matter to the development of devices. For example, recent advances in our understanding of topological insulators may lead to techniques that will allow the manipulation of electronic properties of materials using light.

Selected Publications:

  • Phase transitions of S=1 spinor condensates in an opticallattice, D.Podolsky, S. Chandrasekharan, and A. Vishwanath, Phys.Rev. B 80,214513 (2009).

  • Geometrical approach to hydrodynamics and low-energyexcitations of spinor condensates, R. Barnett, D. Podolsky, and G. Refael, Phys.Rev. B 80, 024420 (2009).

  • Mott transition between a spin-liquid insulator and ametal in three dimensions, D. Podolsky, A. Paramekanti, Y. B. Kim, and T.Senthil, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 186401 (2009).

  • Nernst effect and diamagnetism in phase fluctuatingsuperconductors, D. Podolsky, S. Raghu, and A. Vishwanath, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99,117004 (2007).

  • Thermoelectric transport near the pair breaking quantumphase transition out of a d-wave superconductor, D. Podolsky, A. Vishwanath,J.E. Moore, and S. Sachdev, Phys. Rev. B 75, 014520 (2007).

  • SO(4) theory of antiferromagnetism and superconductivityin Bechgaard salts, D. Podolsky, E. Altman, T. Rostunov, and E. Demler, Phys.Rev.Lett. 93, 246402 (2004).