Yulia Preezant

Preezant, Yulia   Support Staff
Job:   Technical support - Teaching Labs
Host:   Elezra, Moshe
Office:Lidow Complex Room:462 Phone:073-378-3558 
Job Details:  

I am an educator and a manager specializing in undergraduate laboratory physics. I graduated PhD studies in Physics and trained as an experimentalist in Solid State Physics and Optics. Now I engage in research across a broad range of educational physics.

As a manager, I am leading a team of seven engineers and a team of about 30 teaching assistants and associates. We offer 9-hours 5-day in week-opened labs for about 1000 students in a year.

As a teacher, I oversee operation of four undergraduate labs: Introductory Practical Physics, Electric Circuits and Fields, Waves and Optics, Modern Physics. We focus on training students with the skills and attitudes they need to be physicists in scientific community and industry.

Our last projects in labs:

  • Original apparatus for Curie temperature measurement in ferrimagnets (>300K), 2019

  • SCORM based interactive lessons in Circuits (12 lessons), 2018

  • Upgraded Frank-Hertz Experiment (6P0, 6P1, 6P2 resolved), 2018

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