Anatoly Goldman

Goldman, Anatoly   Support Staff
Job:   Technical support - Teaching Labs
Host:   Elezra, Moshe
Teaching Lab:Lidow Complex Room:427 Phone:073-378-3554 
Job Details:  

Head of the advanced physics teaching laboratories (last year B.Sc. and M.Sc.). Combining technical and administrative support of the lab experiments with personally instructing students and supervising 6 additional lab instructors. Moreover, I fill the position of authorized laser safety instructor.

Education and research interests:

I have completed Ph.D. studies in a field of chemical physics at Tel Aviv University. The main topic being laser diagnostics in combustion environment. The Ph.D. was followed by post-doctoral research in France and Germany in related fields of study.

My research interests include optics and photonics, molecular spectroscopy and combustion processes in various environments.  

Selected publication list:

  1. Rahinov, N. Ditzian, A. Goldman, S. Cheskis, NH2 Radical Formation by Ammonia Pyrolysis at Temperatures of 800-1000 K, Applied Physics B 77, 541-546 (2003)

  2. Goldman, I. Rahinov, S. Cheskis, Molecular oxygen detection in low pressure flames using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy, Applied Physics B 82, 659-663 (2006)

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  6. Goldman, A. El Bakali, M. Wartel, X. Mercier, P. Desgroux, J.-F. Pauwels,   Hydrogen Effect in Atmospheric Pressure Sooting Flames, Proc. of 5th European Combustion Meeting (2011)

  7. Werler, A. Goldman, H. Wirbser, R. Schiessl, U. Maas, Experimental investigation on auto-ignition of acetone, Proc. of 6th European Combustion Meeting (2013)

  8. Goldman, S.Marathe, R.Schießl, U.Maas, Detailed studies on turbulent premixed lean flames using combined 1D-Raman and OH-LIF, Proc. of 7th European Combustion Meeting (2015)

  9. Rososhek, S. Efimov, A. Goldman, S. V. Tewari, and Ya. E. Krasik, Microsecond timescale combustion of aluminum initiated by an underwater electrical wire explosion, Physics of Plasmas 26(5):053510 (2019)