round tables 2022

The physics student committee held a "round tables" event and welcomed the new students

earlier this week.
During the event, the new students got an opportunity to raise all their questions, concerns and doubts during a heart-to-heart meeting with the senior students and to hear about the warm and pleasant atmosphere in the physics department, over drinks and pizza courtesy of the department.

The evening began with mingling between the students, followed by greetings from Professor Eric Ackerman that congratulated the students on behalf of the faculty, and a few words from the chairman of the Physics Student Council, Matan Michael, that provided tips for dealing with the first year, and described the infrastructures provided by the Technion and the department.
The students were later divided into circles according to study tracks, and the new students were given another opportunity to get to know each other and to receive advice and tips during a fruitful social event!

We thank the administrative team and the members of the committee that organized the event: Ofek Tzur, Diana Shaolov, and Ilon Zohar