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Courses that require online excercises, for example Physics 1, are managed in Physics site: http://phstudy.technion.ac.il/phmoodle

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Course Number Course Name Compulsory Level
114010 Challenges in The Science of The 20th 1   Undergraduate
114011 Challenges in The Science of The 20th 2   Undergraduate
114014 Mechanics and Waves Yes Undergraduate
114020 Physics Lab. 1M Yes Undergraduate
114021 Physics Lab. 2M Yes Undergraduate
114027 Physics Lab. 5   Undergraduate
114028 Physics Lab. 6   Undergraduate
114032 Physics Lab. 1H   Undergraduate
114033 Physics Lab. 2H   Undergraduate
114034 Physics Lab 2MP Yes Undergraduate
114035 Lab 3 Yes Undergraduate
114036 Statistical & Thermal Physics Yes Undergraduate
114037 LAB 4MH Yes Undergraduate
114051 Physics 1   Undergraduate
114052 Physics 2 Yes Undergraduate
114054 PHysics 3   Undergraduate
114071 Physics 1M Yes Undergraduate
114073 Physics 3H   Undergraduate
114074 Physics 1P Yes Undergraduate
114075 Physics 2MM Yes Undergraduate
114076 Physics 2P Yes Undergraduate
114077 Physics 1L   Undergraduate
114078 Physics 2L Yes Undergraduate
114081 Physics Lab. 1   Undergraduate
114082 Physics Lab. 2   Undergraduate
114086 Waves Yes Undergraduate
114101 Analytical Mechanics Yes Undergraduate
114102 Space Times And Black Holes   Undergraduate
114208 Lab. in Optical Measurement   Undergraduate
114209 Lab. in Optical Production Techniques   Undergraduate
114210 Optics   Undergraduate
114226 Report On Research Activity 1   Undergraduate
114227 Report On Research Activity 2   Undergraduate
114229 Project   Undergraduate
114246 Electromagnetism and Electrodynamics Yes Bsc+Msc
114248 Physics 1R   Undergraduate
114249 Physics 2R   Undergraduate
114250 Physics Lab. 5T   Undergraduate
114251 Physics Lab. 6T   Undergraduate
114252 Project T   Undergraduate
115203 Quantum Physics 1 Yes Undergraduate
115204 Quantum Physics 2 Yes Undergraduate
115211 Statistical and Thermal Physics   Undergraduate
115248 physics 1rl Yes Undergraduate
115249 Physics 2rl Yes Undergraduate
116003 Laser Physics Yes Bsc+Msc
116004 Nuclear Physics and Elementry Particles Yes Bsc+Msc
116027 Physics of Fluids   Bsc+Msc
116028 Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics Winter   Bsc+Msc
116029 Introduction to Biophysics   Bsc+Msc
116030 Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics Spring   Bsc+Msc
116031 Quantum Information Theory   Bsc+Msc
116032 Atom-Photon Interactions   Bsc+Msc
116033 Nuclear astrophysics   Bsc+Msc
116105 Statistic and Numerical Methods   Bsc+Msc
116140 Solid-State 2   Bsc+Msc
116161 Topics in Theoretical Physics 1   Bsc+Msc
116163 Selected Topics in Experimental Physics 1 Yes Bsc+Msc
116217 Solid State Physics   Bsc+Msc
116321 Cell Bio-Physics Yes Bsc+Msc
116354 Astrophysics and Cosmology Yes Bsc+Msc
117001 A First Course in String Theory   Bsc+Msc
117002 Non-linearity and chaos   Bsc+Msc
117004 Experimental Methods in Solid State II   Bsc+Msc
117010 Experimental methods in Solid State Physics   Bsc+Msc
117015 Physics of Atoms and Molecules   Bsc+Msc
117016 Plasma Physics   Bsc+Msc
117018 Semiconductor Physics   Bsc+Msc
117021 Superconductivity and Superfluidity   Bsc+Msc
117089 Electronic Processes in Semiconductors   Bsc+Msc
117090 Observational Astrophysics   Bsc+Msc
117140 Math. Methods in Physics-Groups   Bsc+Msc