Techwomen 2022

Some 700 outstanding female high school students from all over Israel participated in TechWomen 2022

an event aimed at encouraging them to continue their studies of math and sciences. TechWomen events are held thanks to the generous support of the Rosalyn August Girls Empowerment Mission. The event introduced them to studies at the Technion and the opportunities inherent in an academic degree in science and engineering. In the opening plenary, the students heard lectures by Technion researchers following a tour in the various departments.


The event was hosted by astrophysicist Dr. Efrat Sabach, who completed three degrees in our department. “I was always very curious as a child”, she recalled. “When I was around 12 years old, I understood that all my curiosity converged on one marvelous subject: physics. I stuck by my love for physics, and focused on astrophysics, a field in which I did my Ph.D. … Follow your dreams. Believe in yourselves, ignore background noises, and don’t be afraid of challenges.” Professor Adi Salzberg, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, told the participants: “You are the future of Israel. It is important for me to tell you that women have no limits, save those imposed by society’s tradition, habits, and prejudices. Studying here can pave your way to a career that’s interesting, satisfying, and rewarding, whether you chose the academic world or the industry.” 


At our department, the students met with faculty member Dr. Anna Frishman for a fascinating research talk, and with students Avigail Dishi, Inbar Kazes, Roni Gofman and Noa Zilberman who shared experiences from their physics studies and the world of research, and answered the students' questions regarding choices and considerations for scientific studies.


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