BSc 2020

Our 2020 Bachelor of Physics graduates met for an in-person graduation ceremony

that took place at the department on July 28th 2021. The graduates received the "Bachelor of Science in Physics BSc“ in an online ceremony last year.

During the ceremony the Dean of the Department Professor Ehud Behar congratulated the students and Professor Noam Soker conducted amusing physics demonstrations in front of the graduates and their parents. When the certificates were awarded, each graduate shared a few words about his, or hers, experiences and where he is today. Since the students finished their BSc studies two years ago this was also a class reunion.

The student representative Noa Keshet shared: "Although many of us took only a few steps from their office to join this ceremony, the fact that it was important for us to attend today, a long time after graduating, testifies to the family atmosphere in our department. It goes without saying that I was privileged to do my degree with a cycle of friends. Thank you to the families who came all the way here today, and many thanks to the department who happily agreed to hold this ceremony for us and did everything so that we would have a meaningful graduation experience”.

Photo gallery:

Last year the students prepared two videos for the online event - The graduates share: “what is the most important thing you learned during the degree”? (Heb)
- The families share: “what do you think we learned during the degree”? (Heb)