Barak Katzir, Gal Ness, Liat Nemirovsky, Avior Elmualem, Asaf Diringer

We are proud to report that several of our students won the Helen Diller Quantum Center Scholarships:

Barak Katzir, Graduate student, instructed by Prof. Netanel H. Lindner - Superconducting pairing in helical fractional quantum Hall states

Gal Ness, Graduate student, instructed by Prof.Yoav Sagi - Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum matter

Liat Nemirovsky, Graduate student, instructed by Prof. Mordechai Segev - Topological evolution-invariant photonic structures in synthetic dimensions

Avior Elmualem, Ph.D student, instructed by Prof. Amit Kanigel - The search for chiral superconductivity in 4Hb-TaS2 

Asaf Diringer, Ph.D student, instructed by Prof. Shay Hacohen Gourgy - Encoding quantum information with cat -states in circuit QED

Congratulations Barak, Gal, Liat, Avior, Asaf!

Link to the event on Zoom