Congratulations to our 35 graduates who received the degree "Bachelor of Science in Physics BSc“.

During the online ceremony held last week, the students shared their experiences from the degree and their occupations today: "In my undergraduate physics degree at the Technion I acquired a lot of tools and was introduced to a small taste of physics that opened up a whole new world that I really want to continue learning.“, "The faculty has a homely and family atmosphere. I had a great experience and made friends for life, so that despite the challenges I enjoyed the degree”.


Noa Keshet, the student representative, shared: “congratulations, we did it! We learned how to think like physicists! We all faced challenges and together we succeeded - we joined forces and learned not to give up. Between diagonalizing matrixes and expanding Taylor series we also found the time to hang out and have fun. All this would not have been possible without all those who supported us along the way - the faculty, from the academic staff led by the dean to the lecturers, teaching assistants, laboratory instructors, administrative staff that answered every question and the staff at the library that was like our second home, and most importantly - our families. Thank you for supporting, encouraging and believing in us. Good luck to all of us".


The dean of the department, Prof. Ehud Behar, concluded: "In the first degree, to a certain extent, you learn a new language, in the second degree, you learn how to sing. At the end of the day you are (also) our ambassadors, you represent us wherever you go. We are very proud of you and wish you all good luck”.


The students prepared two videos for the online event

The graduates share: “what is the most important thing you learned during the degree”? (Heb)
- The families share: “what do you think we learned during the degree”? (Heb)

Watch the online ceremony here (Heb):
Part 1

Part 2