lecture, Dr. Assaf Govari

On April 17th 2019 the Faculty of Physics hosted Dr. Assaf Govari

Vice President, Worldwide Advanced Research & Development, Cardiovascular Specialty Solutions, Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Govari is a key person in the industry and a graduate of the faculty from first degree to doctorate with advisor Ady Mann.


Dr. Govari lectured the students and researchers at the faculty and shared his academic path at our faculty and his professional path at Biosense Webster and Johnson & Johnson where he is head of Advanced Research and Development. He leads a group of scientists specializing in breakthrough technologies and applications in the field of diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia at Johnson & Johnson International and its subsidiary, Biosense Webster.   "I fell in love with the fact that my work has an immediate impact on the lives of people, there is almost no medical field in which Johnson & Johnson is not present and it is a mission to develop these products“.


During his fascinating lecture Dr. Govari emphasized that his studies in the faculty gave him tools, training and passion for science and research that are invaluable,  "my main message is that nothing would have happened if it had not been for the content I received at the Physics faculty at the Technion”.


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