On June 12, Dr. Yaniv Tenenbaum Katan, a graduate of the Faculty and the professional director of "Little Big, Science“ (Hebrew: “Mada Gadol, Baktna”), gave a lecture as part of the Faculty Science Club.

Yaniv shared his philosophy that “every person engaged in science should see himself as an emissary of science whose task is to make the world a better place“. The goal of “Little Big, Science”, a voluntary registered Amuta, is to bridge the apparent gap between academia and the general public and to create accessible scientific discussions backed by scientific facts. In the course of his lecture, he emphasized the basic principles for students to implement in the practice of science outreach.

As a Technion-Physics graduate of both the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, under the supervision of Shlomit Tarem, and Ph.D., under the supervision of Daniel Podolsky, he added "It is a great privilege to be in the Faculty of Physics at the Technion. You are in an amazing place that is one of the best scientific institutions both in Israel and around the world".