Congratulations to Michal Lipson, Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department, Columbia University & Professor of Applied Physics (1), Columbia University and graduate of our faculty (B.S, MS and Ph.D), for receiving the Comstock Prize in Physics.
The Comstock Prize (2) in Physics in awarded about every five years by the U.S National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for recent innovative discovery or investigation in electricity, magnetism, or radiant energy, broadly interpreted.
“I feel extremely honored to have received the Comstock prize in physics from the national academy of science and to be elected as a member of the academy”, shared Lipson.

From the NAS announcement (3,4): “Lipson’s pioneering research established the groundwork for silicon photonics, a growing field in which she remains a pioneer and leader. The technology, which uses optical rays to transfer data among computer chips, is now considered to be one of the most promising directions for solving major bottlenecks in microelectronics”.

She completed her B.S., MS and Ph.D. degrees in the Physics department at the Technion in 1998. Her Ph.D. research was held under the supervision of Professor Elisha Cohen and had the title " Coupled Exciton-Photon modes in semiconductor optical microcavities ". On her experience at the Technion shared Lipson “I am grateful for the outstanding education that I received at the Technion Physics department, as an undergraduate, and as a graduate student under the guidance of Prof Elisha Cohen. It formed the basis of my career and played a critical role in shaping my academic path”.




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