Noa Zilberman. Credit: Rami Shlush

To mark the International Women's Day (today, March 8th),

the Technion interviewed exceptional Technion researchers and research students. Noa Zilberman, a doctoral student in our department under the supervision of Prof. Amos Ori, combines her research life with poetry, wandering in nature, saving food and science outreach.


Noa, 28-year-old from Haifa, has always been drawn to understanding the universe surrounding her. “Ever since I can remember I have been looking at the sky and thrilled. The desire to grasp something of this universe, for its inconceivable dimensions and complexity, and to understand my place in it, like a grain floating on a grain that surrounds another grain - is one of the guiding forces in my life."


Read the entire article here (Heb):משוטטת-בשדות-המרחב-והזמן/