General information

The character and execution of scientific research in the physics department is very different from undergraduate coursework.

The courses “Project” and “Project T” serve to bridge this gap and allow students to get acquainted with modern research. The course Project T ( 114252 ) is worth three points. It serves as a mini research project and can, for instance, includes a summary of a certain field together with a modest, novel, contribution. The course “Project” ( 114229 ) is worth 4.5 points. It involves a broader research project and may, in certain instances, allow for integration with the faculty members research group and could develop into a scientific paper. In order to register for the “Project” course 90 academic points are needed (including the courses taken during the semester where the project is being carried out).

The project can start during the spring or fall semester. Since it is not always possible to know in advance how long a project will take it is possible to start the semester taking “Project T” and change to a full project during the
course of the research. Moreover, (with the approval of the advisor) it is possible to carry over the research project to the next semester. It is recommended to register for the course when the project ends and not when the project begins to avoid having a 'no grade' entry in the grade sheet. In any case, research projects should optimally start during the semester break. While the courses are worth 3-4.5 points they require more effort than a regular course with the same amount of credits.

After finding an advisor please notify the faculty member responsible for undergraduate projects - see semesterial information. Once the project is done a summary approved by the advisor needs to be handed in. The final grade for the project is given by the advisor.


Finding an advisor

It is recommended to speak with several faculty members before deciding on a project. A list of faculty members and their research interests can be found on the physics website together with a link to their research page or homepage.
Projects can be theoretical or experimental. Most faculty members will be happy to discuss their research and offer a research project. Often it is useful to speak with the faculty members Masters and Ph.D. students in order to hear about a particular faculty members working style. In general, it is recommended to choose an advisor who has offered an interesting project that is suitably compatible.


List of some recent projects

Project title


Reconstruction of ultrashort pulses using sum frequency generation measurements of dispersive modes via deep learning

Moti Segev

X-Ray Spectrum of RBS 315: Absorption or Intrinsic Curvature

Ehud Behar

3D Lattice Boltzmann fluid simulation

Joan Adler

X-ray setup

Michael Reznikov

Low loss microwave filters

Shay Hacohen-Gourgy

Annealing of a space telescope

Erez Ribak

Hawking radiation from an analogue black hole

Jeff Steinhauer

Magnetic Gauge Field in Synthetic Dimension in a Planar Optical Wave Guide Array

Moti Segev

Generating waves in an analogue black hole

Jeff Steinhauer

Planning and production of lithography masks for microwave resonators

Shay Hacohen-Gourgy