Physics faculty research day - all posters exihibition

On May 2nd we held a Physics Research Day during which the faculty members gave short lectures exhibiting their research to students, and after which the graduate students presented posters of their latest research. 4 students were chosen to present their work in the Technion poster competition.

  • Alon Yagil - Diamagnetic Vortex Barrier Stripes in Underdoped BaFe2(As1-xPx)2,
  • Roni Gofman - A Mixed Helium-Oxygen Shell in some Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors,
  • Ofer Neufeld - Group Theory for Harmonic Generation,
  • Boris Timchencko - Out-of-Equilibrium Quantum Radiation and Atomic Motion.

Tom Shindelman, a bachelor student who will begin her physics graduate studies in the fall, shared “The faculty members explained their research to us as equals and encouraged graduate studies. In addition, it was interesting to learn about the research conducted by the students in the faculty. Aldana Grichener, a bachelor student who presented a poster as part of her research project in astrophysics, added “the faculty research day created a sense of belonging. I was given the opportunity to present my work in front of my fellow students and answer their questions. I hope I was able to “infect” them with my enthusiasm and love for physics.” Dean of the physics department Ehud Behar summarized “We enjoyed taking part in a celebration of research, bringing together professors, research students and future students from the Technion and from other universities. A variety of research areas were presented, and the graduate students shared their exciting new work with the participants.”

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