Professor Emeritus Joshua Zak, Israel Prize recipient in Physics and Chemistry for the year of 2022, took part in a special episode of our Podcast, the “Technion Fizzicast”. In a conversation with Professor Emeritus Yosi Avron, Joshua shares his life story from his childhood during the Holocaust, through his immigration to Israel, to his groundbreaking research as a faculty member in our Department.

Listen to the fascinating conversation here:



This Thursday Joshua will light a torch during the closing ceremony of the Holocaust Remembrance Day at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot. For more information:



Joshua will be awarded the Israel Prize in physics and chemistry during Israel’s 74’th independence day next week (Thursday 05/05/22). The Israel Prize committee selected Prof. Zak for his development of ‘Zak Transform’, an advanced and nuanced mathematical operation that more accurately studies quantum phenomena in crystalline solids, and his discovery of ‘Zak Phase’. Zak Transform is already being used in signal processing and Zak Phase has been widely cited and verified in numerous experiments. The committee further emphasized that “his scientific contributions serve, and will continue to serve, in gaining an understanding of the chemistry and physics of material.”