The "Jacobs Graduate Research Day" took place last week and graduate students from all over the Technion presented their faculty winning posters at a very high level.

In the words of Dan Givoli, Dean of the graduate school at the Technion, "the attendance was impressive and one could feel the excitement and enthusiasm".


Awards were presented to the winners of the poster competition and the participants also selected a "crowd favorite" poster. The Physics Department was represented by Alon Yagil, Ofer Neufeld and Roni Gofman who won the Physics Research Day poster competition. Roni, a graduate student of Noam Sokar, won the Technion "crowd favorite" prize in the MSc category for her poster on
"A Mixed Helium-Oxygen Shell in Some Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors".


The department will hold a research day in the upcoming spring semester where the posters for the next Technion competition will be chosen.


Well done Roni!