Ehud Behar, Yael Shadmi and Shlomit Tarem are part of a new Israeli Center of Research Excellence (ICORE), titled "The Quantum Universe". The center brings together researchers in theoretical and experimental high-energy physics and high-energy astrophysics from, in addition to the Technion, The Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University.

At the core of the center's activities are the outstanding open questions of basic physics:
What is the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking? What is dark matter made of? What is dark energy?
What is the source of the heavy elements in the Universe? The quest for answers to these and other questions has entered an exciting era, as the LHC probes higher energy scales than ever before; as searches for dark matter become sensitive to interaction rates smaller than ever before; and as telescopes collecting new messengers from the Universe, and opening new regions of sensitivity, become available.

The Technion's group budget, of roughly 8.5 million NIS for the next five years, is intended for both hardware and colloborative research activities, including student and postdoc support, visitors, workshops etc.
New researchers hired in the Technion Physics Department in these fields will be supported for the first five years by additional ICORE funds.