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From top to bottom: Ramon Foundation team with Prof. Tarem’s and Prof. Behar’s research teams; The GALI experiment; Roi Rahin, Eytan Stibbe and Inbal Kreiss of the Ramon Foundation.

The GALI (Gamma-ray burst localizing instrument) experiment, which was chosen to be one of the 35 experiments included in the  Ramon Foundation “Rakia" mission, will be launched to the International Space Station a few weeks after the second Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe returns to Earth (Stibbe’s launch is scheduled for the end of March 2022).

The research team is led by Shlomit Tarem and Ehud Behar and includes Ph.D. student Roi Rahin, MS.c. student Julia Salh, postdoctoral fellow Luca Moleri, undergraduate student Solomon Margolin, research team members Alex Vdovin and Amir Feigenboim and the technical team at the Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) at the Technion led by Avner Kaidar and Hovhannes Agalarian.


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Courtesy of Technion spokesteam.