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Noam Soker presents a daily and provocative summary of a conference on binary stars on a poster.

Congratulations to Professor Noam Soker on winning the Morton and Beverley Rechler Prize for Excellence in Research. Noam is a theoretical astrophysicist who studies the final stages in the life of stars, both exploding massive stars and sun-like stars who die a "quiet death". In recent years, Noam has been concentrating on exploding stars, mainly on the mechanisms resulting from the interaction of binary stars (2 stars). These explosions are responsible for creating most of the elements in the universe including exotic explosions responsible for creating heavy elements like gold and uranium.


Noam is also known for his fondness for gas jets with which he manages to explain various strange phenomena. His research is theoretical conducted by research assistants and students running computer programs and simulations.
Noam's door is always open to curious students, including undergraduate students looking to do a project.

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