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Physics Research Week 2023

Our annual research week took place last week, 10-14.09.23. The Physics Research Week is an event intended for excellent undergraduate students from all over the country who are a step away from a master’s degree.

The week offers the students a glimpse into the research conducted in our department and a taste of the special and family atmosphere here.


The week included diverse lectures in a large part of the research fields in the department, visits in laboratories and mini-projects, along with social activities. All participants were offered full accommodation and a participation grant. On Tuesday evening, we held a round table dinner with faculty members and graduate students, and the conversations ranged from sharing academic paths and current research, to tips for great restaurants around the Technion (and there are plenty!).



  • Dr. Zhaopin Chen (Prof. Michael Krueger) - Optical supercontinuum generation with femtosecond laser pulses.
  • Tamar Cohen (Prof. Noam Soker) - Outcomes of pre-explosion magnetic activity in the core of supernova progenitors.
  • Inbar Kazes and Noam Ophir (Dr. Anna Keselman) - Analytical and numerical study of the AKLT model.
  • Dr. Anna Eyal and Ron Vishnivetsky - Measuring a superconductor.
  • Prof Adi Nusser – Gravitational Lensing around black holes.
  • Dr. Ben Ohayon and Ofir Eizenberg - Simulation of energy spectra in muonic atoms to help us design the upcoming experiment.
  • Sharon Mitrani (Prof. Ehud Behar) - Gravitational lensing of gamma-ray bursts.


We thank everyone who took part in the program and contributed to its success; the lecturers, the staff members and the graduate students who mentored and instructed the participants in their projects. A special thanks to Keren Tshilibi, PhD student Inbar Kazes and master’s student Abigail Dishi who worked around the clock during the week.

We wish all the wonderful students who participated in the research week great success in the future. We hope to see you in an advanced degree in physics at the Technion!


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