Block Copolymers: How physics meets nano-lithography

Speaker:Professor David Andelman
Affiliation:Tel Aviv University
Organizer:Eric Akkermans
Location:Lidow Rosen Auditorium (323)

Diblock copolymers exhibit a wide variety of spatially modulated phases due to competing molecular and entropic forces. The resulting self-assembly nano-structures and morphologies have many uses and applications. In recent years an intensive effort has been devoted to control ordering of block copolymers close to surfaces and in thin film setups as is required by nano-lithography applications. In this talk I will review the basic properties of block copolymers and recent progress
aimed at understanding the ways to control orientation of anisotropic block copolymer phases. Among others they include manipulation of the polymer films by external electric field and using patterned surfaces and molds to achieve the desired ordering and orientation of the film.