Stellar activity as a proxy for stellar mass loss rate - what can we learn from our own Sun?

TYPEAstrophysics Seminar
Speaker:Dr. Ofer Cohen
Affiliation:CfA, Harvard
Location:Lidow 620

In the past few decades, large amount of knowledge about the solar corona
and solar wind has been gathered by both in-situ and remote measurements all
over the solar system. However, this knowledge is not fully considered in
stellar astrophysics, even though it is highly relevant. In particular, mass
loss of stars to their stellar winds are traditionally related to their
level of activity and their X-ray flux. In the talk, I will overview the
known properties of the solar wind and will show how the solar mass flux and
the solar X-ray flux do not seem to correlate at all. I will also discuss
the possible reason for this finding.