Oren Cohen

Cohen, Oren   Faculty
Email:   oren.cohen@physics.technion.ac.il
Topic:   Non-linear Optics
Office:Solid State Room:308 Phone:04-829-5937 
Homepage: https://oren.net.technion.ac.il/
Research Interests & Publications:  

Fields of research:

  • High laser-field physics

  • Ultrafast optics & attosecond science

  • Super-resolution imaging

Ongoing research:

  • We have been developing sources of extreme ultraviolet pulses with attosecond to femtosecond duration (femto and atto correspond to 10-15 and 10-18, respectively) and with fully controllable polarization. We employ these unique sources for exploring ultrafast dynamics in magnetism, chirality, and of charge and spin currents in atoms, molecules and solids.

  • Progress in super-resolution microscopy (the topic of the 2014 Nobel Prize in chemistry) has been pushing forward many fields in science, medicine and technology. While proliferation of super-resolution techniques have been established, they all suffer from relatively long acquisition time (~0.1 seconds) that also limits the imaging temporal resolution. We develop ultrafast super-resolution microscopy!

  • We discovered, explore and employ long-lived optically-induced atmospheric waveguides.