Excellence awards and scholarships

Warm congratulations to our (many!) students who won excellence awards

Gutwirth Scholarship 
Ariel Westfried , Advisor: Kinneret keren
Dmitry Shishkin, Advisor: Noam Soker
Aldana Grichener , Advisor: Noam Soker

Jacobs  Scholarship
Moshe Labaz , Advisor: Oren Cohen 

Leonard and Diane Sherman Scholarship
Noam Dori, Advisor: Kinneret keren


Scholarships for students leaving for post-doctoral research:
IAU Prize - Aldana Grichener , Advisor: Noam Soker
Aldana won the International Astronomical Union (IAU) prize for promising scientists at the beginning of their career and will leave in August for a post-doc at the Steward Observatory in the University of Arizona. Aldana will collaborate with a variety of theorists and observers involved in high-energy astrophysics.

Rothschild Fellow  - Omer Granek, Advisor: Yariv Kafri
Omer received an offer for a postdoctoral position at the physics department in the University of Chicago in Prof. Vincenzo Vitelli’s group, which he will carry out with the help of the Rothschild scholarship. Omer is expected to research diverse topics in statistical physics, dynamic systems, physics of soft matter and fluid mechanics.

Fulbright Fellow - Noa Zilberman, Advisor: Amos Ori
Na was chosen as a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow and will be leaving for a post-doc in Princeton this summer with her family. She will be part of the “Princeton Gravity Initiative“ that brings together mathematicians, theoretical physicists and astrophysicists for research in the field of gravity.


Well done and congratulations!
Good luck to our students who are starting soon their post-doctorial research!