orientation day 2022/23

We congratulate all those who joined our department this week

, and wish them and all our undergraduate and graduate students a successful, productive and healthy academic year!

During orientation day, the new students met with the faculty and staff representatives, the student representatives and the representative of the Dean of Students at the Technion. Prof. Shlomo Razamat, associate physics dean for undergraduate studies, congratulated the students and emphasized that the main challenge is to learn how to learn. The discussions between the students are even more significant than face-to-face teaching: "The people to your right and to your left will be of utmost importance during your journey." He also clarified that it is important to ask and consult: "Don't assume that there is a problem with your comprehension. You are building a building of knowledge and each floor should be well founded, so do not be ashamed to use all the available resources”.

The dean of the department Adi Nusser gave three [four] key words: utilization (of the system's resources), attendance (not mandatory but contributes a lot), experience (of others will benefit you) [and Noam Soker. register to every course he teaches because he is an asset].

We wish a successful and enjoyable academic year to everyone!