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The 64th annual meeting of the Israel Physical Society (IPS) was held in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


during which members of the Department of Physics at the Technion were awarded prizes.

Joshua Zak was elected a Fellow of the Israel Physical Society 1
“For his contribution to condensed matter physics and in particular for the discovery of the magnetic translation group and the KQ representation also known as Zak representation and for the discovery of the topological phase in the band theory of solids known as Zak phase”


Shlomo Razamat won the Jacob Bekenstein Prize in theoretical physics for a young faculty member 1
“ For his contribution to duality and localization in supersymmetric quantum field theory with application to strongly interacting quantum systems”
(see also corresponding article under "Physics Bits"2)


Kostya Shkedrov, a PhD student of Yoav Sagi, won the 1st place KLA Tencor award for an excellent poster.
Poster title: “Towards homogeneous ultracold Fermi gas of 40k atoms” 3


Congratulations to the winners.