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Topology and Physics on Mount Carmel pictures

The conference “Topology and Physics on Mount Carmel” took place at Technion in Physics on May 15-18, 2023. This international conference organised by Professors Eric Akkermans and Ari Turner was dedicated to Professor (emeritus) Joshua Zak, recipient of the 2022 Israel Prize for his essential contributions to topological aspects of quantum condensed matter.

Topology, like group theory, is an elegant field of mathematics that allows to describe geometrical forms, wherever they occur. It is surprising how dramatic the implications of some of these concepts can be for experiments.This conference brought together many of the physicists contributing creatively to this topological revolution in condensed matter physics, in honour of one of its pioneers, Professor Joshua Zak.

This international conference attracted about 200 participants, mainly young researchers, from Israel and all over the world to meet and discuss in a lively yet studious atmosphere at the Physics Faculty. In addition to regular formal talks, we proposed dedicated workshops where young researchers could directly meet and discuss with the invited speakers, a very active poster session and a highly appreciated and convivial conference dinner in the premises of the Physics Faculty.

We received very positive feedbacks which could be summarised by: when is Part 2 ?

Talks and pictures for this event are available on the conference website :