Graduate Courses

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Course Number Course Name Level
114246 Electromagnetism and Electrodynamics Bsc+Msc
116003 Laser Physics Bsc+Msc
116004 Nuclear Physics and Elementry Particles Bsc+Msc
116027 Physics of Fluids Bsc+Msc
116028 Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics Winter Bsc+Msc
116029 Introduction to Biophysics Bsc+Msc
116030 Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics Spring Bsc+Msc
116031 Quantum Information Theory Bsc+Msc
116032 Atom-Photon Interactions Bsc+Msc
116033 Nuclear astrophysics Bsc+Msc
116094 Computational Physics Bsc+Msc
116105 Statistic and Numerical Methods Bsc+Msc
116110 Physics of the Atmosphere Graduate
116140 Solid-State 2 Bsc+Msc
116161 Topics in Theoretical Physics 1 Bsc+Msc
116163 Selected Topics in Experimental Physics 1 Bsc+Msc
116217 Solid State Physics Bsc+Msc
116321 Cell Bio-Physics Bsc+Msc
116354 Astrophysics and Cosmology Bsc+Msc
117001 A First Course in String Theory Bsc+Msc
117002 Non-linearity and chaos Bsc+Msc
117004 Experimental Methods in Solid State II Bsc+Msc
117010 Experimental methods in Solid State Physics Bsc+Msc
117015 Physics of Atoms and Molecules Bsc+Msc
117016 Plasma Physics Bsc+Msc
117018 Semiconductor Physics Bsc+Msc
117021 Superconductivity and Superfluidity Bsc+Msc
117066 Advanced Optics Graduate
117089 Electronic Processes in Semiconductors Bsc+Msc
117090 Observational Astrophysics Bsc+Msc
117098 Hamiltonian Chaos- Classical and Quantum Graduate
117140 Math. Methods in Physics-Groups Bsc+Msc
118007 Methods of Quantum Field Theory 1 Graduate
118015 Selected Topics in Quantum Structures 2 Graduate
118018 Many-Body Theory Graduate
118024 Critical phenomena Graduate
118028 Transport of Mater and Charge in Solids Graduate
118041 Advanced Topics in Weak Interactions Graduate
118043 Foundations of Quantum Theory Graduate
118050 Localization and Quantum Hall Effect Graduate
118051 Elementary Particle Physics 1 Graduate
118052 Elementary Particle Physics 2 Graduate
118053 Selected Topics in Quantum Optics 1 Graduate
118075 Automatic Systems for Data Analysis Graduate
118076 Advanced Laboratory Graduate
118079 Path Integration Methods and Application 1 Graduate
118081 Theory of Gravitation Graduate
118085 Galactic Physics 1 Graduate
118088 Vacuum and Low Temperatures Graduate
118089 Electronic processes in semiconductors Graduate
118090 High Energy Astrophysics Graduate
118092 Geometric Methods in Physics Graduate
118093 Trends in Theoretical Physics Graduate
118095 Cosmology Graduate
118100 Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals Graduate
118101 Introduction to String Theory 1 Graduate
118102 Introduction to String Theory 2 Graduate
118103 Introduction to Condensed Matter Graduate
118105 Selected Topics in Astro-Particle Physic Graduate
118106 Selected Topics in Mathematical Methods Graduate
118107 Selected Topics in Quantum Field Theory Graduate
118108 Selected Topics in Symmetries in Particles Physics Graduate
118109 Selected Topics in Phenomenology of Elements Graduate
118110 Selected Topics in Quantum Structures 1 Graduate
118111 Selected Topics in Astrophysics Graduate
118112 Selected Topics in Condensed Matter Graduate
118113 Statistical Mechanics of Polymer Systems Graduate
118114 Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics Graduate
118115 Advanced Topics in Stellar Physics Graduate
118116 Physical Processes in the Interstellar Graduate
118117 Nonlinear Optics and Materials Graduate
118119 Semiconductor Physics Graduate
118120 Electrodynamics Graduate
118121 Stellar Physics Graduate
118122 Quantum Mechanics 3 Graduate
118123 Introduction to Particle Physics Graduate
118124 Mathematical Methods in Physics - Group theory Graduate
118126 Physicsl processes in astrophysics Graduate
118128 Advanced Solid State Physics Graduate
118129 Statistical Mechanics 2 Graduate
118130 Introduction to General Relativity Graduate
118132 Quantum Field Theory 1 Graduate
118133 Quantum Field Theory 2 Graduate
118135 Graduate
118136 Fast Optics Graduate
118137 Photon-Atoms interaction Graduate
118138 Solid State for Graduates Graduate
118140 Graduate
118141 Graduate
118142 Graduate