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Magnetic structure determination of rare-earth based, high moment, 2D parent magnet.

TYPELow Temperature Seminar
Speaker:Daniel Potashnikov
Affiliation:Technion and IAEC
Organizer:Amit Keren
Time:10:30 - 11:30
Location:Lidow 620

The laminate (Mo2/3Gd1/3)2AlC, based on high-moment Gd, grows as pristine crystals and might exfoliate or be etched into two-dimensional magnets, but its properties are unknown since Gd is a strong neutron absorber. Bypassing this difficulty, the authors succeed in determining the magnetic structure by combining neutron diffraction studies on isostructural compounds with muon spin rotation studies including first-principles site calculations and, most importantly, angle dependent muon spin rotation.