The physics department was happy to host 13 outstanding undergraduate physics students

from universities all over the country during the annual physics research week.


During the research week the students met with researchers in the department and toured the advanced research labs. Each student took part in a mini-project and enjoyed full board accommodation accompanied by social activities.

The participants later shared that they very much enjoyed the research week and made connections with their project instructors and with faculty members. “This activity provides many opportunities for the participating students. The availability of the lecturers for questions and discussions 'at eye level’ was very noticeable”, shared one student. "I really enjoyed the lab visits; they were very interesting. Seeing things with your own eyes makes everything a lot clearer“, said another.


We thank everyone who took part in the program and contributed to its success; the lecturers, the staff members, and the graduate students who instructed the participants in their projects.

We wish all the students great success in their studies. We look forward to seeing you as graduate students in our faculty.